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<jonathan> 'Copping Out' My Left arse cheek!

i just realized that, on reading the posts on the ps web, it made sense more and more why we did it. Someone actually thought we were copping out. I think we actually wanted proper closure, and not just sing about it. I think maybe that person doesn't understand that yet. it's ok. If I got offended by every post that ever came...

on hindsight, we lost money in the band. We spent more than we gained, and some will never recover- airfares for one. But we did do it for fun. If we wanted the money, we'd have stayed together. we'd have chased that major deal that was once in our grasp.

I can't believe though, that this guy thought we didn't do it coz we loved it or for the passion.

I cried backstage and my voice faltered in the middle of 'plainsunset' because we were close to tears. I know sham cried, and nizam missed alot of notes too because he was weeping openly. I think more and more that we actually loved being in the band. after all, we did cry.

Grieving is a natural and healthy process. Now it's time to move on. </jonathan> <!--9:30 AM-->


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