Music....makes the people...come together.....yeah.....


<jonathan> We just did the last-ever plainsunset jam. It was a bittersweet thing to do, knowing it is to be your last ever time of musical effort with no pressure. It's different onstage; You try to do your best to give everyone a rush.

we played stuff we haven't done in years that we did when we first started out, old screeching weasel covers, stuff that we never thought of in years. we decided, 'it's the last time ever, why the heck not?!' naturally we were laughing the whole way.

ppl don't believe that we can still get along. that's too bad. maybe it's because they don't believe that we are mature enough to deal with our stuff face to face and clear it up asap. It's all true. if you don't believe it, watch for yourself on sat.

if you are coming on sat, stick around throughout the whole thing. It'll be the last time you see it. If you are fashionably late, you will miss out. If you step out for a ciggie, you will miss out. If your friend is late, leave him outside. I just want to make sure that you see this.

the very first thing you will hear that is 'live' from us will be the very last song that plainsunset ever wrote. It's me, going solo. I call it 'For the last time.'

nites. </jonathan> <!--8:48 AM-->


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