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<jonathan> HARD TO BELIEVE!

Before I forget, and the whirl and rush of stuff gets to me, I gotta put down that my own celebrity sighting just went up a notch, and I'm actually quite tickled by it. Was at Borders when Dolph Lundgren (you remember him as HE-MAN from the motion picture movie 'Masters Of the Universe', the bad guy from Universal Soldier, Ivan Drago from Rocky 4, The Punisher...etc etc...). I was doing the Singaporean thing which is to downright ignore them. Singaporeans are very 'ngade', unless they are taiwanese boyband types,in which case if you are a teenage chick, hormones just take over, the bane of the female gender. all feminists may disagree, but they're in denial...

anyways, the guy was just in a plain white shirt, F4 hair,blonde and tall as heck, face a little craggier than I last remembered, but hey, who cares! It was obvious, and Wan Vegan will back me up on it too. I walked by to make sure, heard the voice and was like "Oh yeah, no doubts anymore...". There were all these people going 'Is that him? It is isn't it?" etc.....

Have to admit, on hindsight, am regretting not getting an autograph. Yes, I am man enough to admit it...the little streak of celeb sighting stuff is still in me. I think most kids at my time wanted to be like him or even BE him. I just thought he was cool in most of those movies... </jonathan> <!--7:35 AM-->


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