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<jonathan> THE SETTING SUN

Ok, in anticipation to a whirlwind of questions as to our demise, this is the answer to the most often heard one in the last 48hrs;

first, we made up our minds awhile ago.
It's been a long time and we're growing older, learning to move on as individuals. We all want to do different kinds of music. I want to write different kinds of stuff.
And why not now? We're all still friends, enjoy each other's company. we just spent the evening talking 'bout old times in the Lavender S11. instead of dying a lingering, painful death,why not end on a high note? why not end in a happy time, as opposed to not even wanting to be in the same room with each other? So many bands have we seen that have gone out like that. I refuse to allow us to be one of them.
in our 9 years of existence, we have worked our butts off, released three fairly successful CDs,successfully toured New Zealand, Hong Kong, Shenzhen,done gigs in KL sweated with each other,made a splash in countries we have never been to,gritted our teeth as gigs get screwed up for us, lost sleep alongside each other,endured jeers from the ignorant, laughed together, laughed at each other, 'sliced' each other countless times, gone through NS, all around the same time, made a spectacle of ourselves, and had a whale of a time!

why not now? why not, while we have happy memories, of the thousands of faces we have seen as you laughed, sang along, pointed the finger, surfed, crushed each other in the pit, listened as we tried to give you and ourselves a good time for that half hour?

why not while we as a team still have 9 years of friendship, laughter for each other?rather than the selfish and self-serving stings and backstabbing of the petty?so many of our friends have ended that way. we choose not to finish as a casualty.

we choose to finish, while we still are the brotherhood of the sunset. </jonathan> <!--10:01 AM-->


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