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<jonathan> am pretty tired of being made to look like the bad guy. I don't mind where there are hard decisions I have to make,like occasionally in ministry, but when it comes to other things, am bloody sick of it, really.
You have a knack of coming across as the nice guy, sweet and all, most friendly,everybody loves you. there are great qualities about you, i will never deny that,but there's so much more to you than you realize, or choose to. Accidentally found out today there are others who have suffered in silence. The only part you came out in the conversation was purely logistical. It turned into a vent session for the other guy...
i too cannot wait to close this chapter of my life, get some real closure, make peace and move on...then you're probably gonna say that I backstabbed you. It was all over the circle about how much of a prick I was, never listen to you at all, but when I actually asked you, you either gave me a vague answer, or no answer at all.
yes, you ARE over-sensitive, taking things personal when no reference to you was intended. Yes, you do prevent the rest of us from moving along, simply because when convenient, you choose the solo decision without allowing the group to function properly. No, it's NOT all about you! The rest of us have NOT said our piece because you never allowed us to. and to make it worse, it always looks and sounds like it's always our fault. guess what? on closer examination, i know it's not.

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