Music....makes the people...come together.....yeah.....


<jonathan> freedom!
I am actually updating the blog now! I actually thpought of just letting the whole thing go, but so much for actually doing what you plan.

So much has happened that I can't even begin to tell you, but I suppose it's expected. whichever way it goes, it will just have to be one chunk of my life you will have to do without.

Now that I have my own mac, in my room, I can blog again. And there's just gonne have to be this big gap.

I am planning to do that indie band soon, as soon as I can find the time with the boys to tart practicing. I want to record the demo first before the gigs. I'll see how it goes. Maybe just one gig to announce that we are alive and around...

The tentative name that me and marcus came up with is When Heroes fail. I am excited!!! </jonathan> <!--8:36 AM-->


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