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<jonathan> I spoke to someone once about her personal beliefs in marriage. No it wasn't a proposal. I asked her what her sense of the sanctity of marriage was. This girl came from a divorced family and it would be interesting to see her views on such matters. Naturally, they were that the sanctity of marriage doesn't exist. I had to disagree.

Last night was my dad's birthday and we all went out for dinner. On the way up with my folks I also discovered that monday night coming is my folks thirtieth-year wedding anniversary. Many of the guests to the dinner were married as long, some longer, and one couple had celebrated their 40th year's anniversary last year.

So I think early divorces are not a question of true love, but of wrong choices( stubborness to good sense and better judgement is a human trait after all), as well as lack of a sense of responsibility and commitment. Spouse battery is a separate situation altogether. And yes, women do beat up their husbands too.

If you can't keep a promise that you make, what makes you think you're ready to get married? What makes you think you are mature?
Responsibility is the true difference between a child and an adult. Not spelling, not puberty. Responsibility and the ability to give equals maturity. And I have met a ton of adults, far from mature. Far from responsible("it's all about me" mentality).

Our old friend selfishness rears its ugly head.
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<jonathan> THE SPY
Have decided to just forget about people running away. I can't stand seeing people go down, and I know that I'm not running away from that sight myself, if anything, I have been accused of being confrontational. It's me, I always learned to deal with my problems head on, to be more aggressive than opposition. so I will learn to deal with it differently; none of them will listen to me anyways, so concentrate on the others.
I won't even begin to talk about what happened yesterday, I know Marcus is miserable. I understand and feel the same. I just can't trust myself to smile, so I will not. After all, if transparency is the way to go, I will not hold my feelings back or pretend that everything is ok. You're doing that better than everybody else, after all...

Maybe it's my upbringing; when the going gets tough.... are my enemy.
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