Music....makes the people...come together.....yeah.....


<jonathan> Again, I emphasize, the german bloke is actually a nice guy, just that to have ANYONE for extended periods of time is a strain, because of lack of room to move...

Am again confronted with people running away from the realities of their own lives. Why can't they face up to their problems? Guilt? Lazy? Painful?
Am so flaming sick of having to turn back to this topic.
You always know yourself if you are running away, it's instinctive, and across the board. ready to hear lies that validate what YOU want to do. "As long as it's written down SOMEWHERE, be it the bhagavad gita, bible, quran, whatever bhuddists use, you'll go with it won't you?"

as long as it "feels right"...

How do you know when you are running away?

You know it's NOT the right thing to do,

You know there is a better way to do it

the other way is just 'too hard', or you 'don't feel like it'

you base your action on what you are 'comfortable' with

and as long as anyone brings it up, you will change the topic or 'buy them off'.

IN the meantime, my friend chooses to act like a dick hoping we will be pissed off and leave him alone.


I'm jumping into the fray if no-one stops me.

I want to storm the siege of 'politeness' and 'waiting' like the SAS, I want to not be polite anymore and be politically incorrect.

'Rescue Teams' have taken on new meaning for me.

No, I am not cool. Why?

Because I am feeling the burden of a sense of urgency. And I don't want to 'settle down and relax', I have made myself a promise that I would not float downstream. I still mean it.I made that promise 5 years ago, and no, it wasn't a 'phase' in my life.

I am serious still.

Am I too serious? That depends on how you look at it, but you already know that.

Should I mess with your mind? No.

I'll just speak the truth out of love.If it messes with your mind, maybe you need to start thinking and acting, you need to start walking
instead of sitting down.

"...Instead of resting your legs, you should be standing up,instead of showing your back, you should be showing your face. Why do you walk away?"-hot water music </jonathan> <!--3:43 AM-->


<jonathan> AT LAST! My sister's boyfriend has gone back to Germany. He was here all this while which limited my access to the computer. I don't have one in my room.
He was a very nice guy, a german nice guy, ja! But I am also glad that I don't have to tiptoe around the house because of an over-protected sister saying, "Kor, so noisy, an you turn it down"...or "He wants to sleep now(which means clear out)".
Am envious, a certain someone got to see AVAIL live!!!! Dammit!

Have just gotten ideas about making a comic(my own) about punk culture, featuring a dysfunctional rabbit and a bunch of other characters living in a city in some place. I'm reading way too much Heavy Metal here...
Am planning to make the characters look amazingly like Pokemon characters, where I can finally introduce Rastamon, the pot-smoking, utterly confused and escapist pocket monster. Will be open to feedback and ideas, as soon as I can get someone to publish the strip. I'll bet that I could get sued by the producers of pokemon should it ever go my dreams. I think that I'll base the characters on Pokemon, Teletubbies, as well as the handsome charcters from all those super incredible chinese comics like 'Hei Bao' and that comic which spawned the Aaron Kwok and Noodles charcter movie....Tien something or other. The concept of the comic would be for me to express how serious people in escapist mode take these things, a slap on a face saying "wake up! Don't sleep! Face life as it really is!"

Funny how Selegie kids dress exactly like these characters and also believe that they have inherited their 'powers'(punching people once and expecting them top go down, the scret to me winning fights when I was younger, more ferocious and of less intelligence. All you need is to be able to tahan the first one, because they seem to forget to follow-up, and that's where YOU come in).

Will end the strip with something that always makes these characters act cute...that is a must! </jonathan> <!--6:16 AM-->


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