Music....makes the people...come together.....yeah.....


<jonathan> Just came back from dinner with my parents and Yen and SWENSEN's! It was cool for me, because I got to eat my long-missed catfish as well as orange sherbet. I think Yen didn' t have quite as nice a time as I did...oh well...wish I'd know how to make it better.

I am buzzing with new ideas for SE Band as far as music goes, lots of chorus' parts in mind, reckon I better write them on my wall as I always do.
Stuff both for fast as well as mid-tempo songs and things like that.
need to send my SG in for servicing, the intonation's slightly off, and my 5150 may need to be serviced as well. It's about time anyways...
I think I'll send all my gear in at the same time, including my Ibanez, so that it'll all be ready to go. I won't be playing for SE or PS for a little while yet anyways, still got time to get it repaired before may(i need my gear then, for the SE roadshow if that goes off).

Got along day as well as a tutorial tomorrow. Hope that goes well. Then it's to do the CD cover for the SE Band CD. I think we will call it "Grateful" after all.
If you have to get me, go ahead, but meeting me in the next few days might be a problem.
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