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the end of another 'running around' day.
Just heard the basic tracks from the nearly complete set of plainsunset songs, sans the ones we haven't done yet, which should be about another 4 or 5 tracks. I like the sound of it, except that I felt the guitars lacked a little bit of bottom end, but Leonard assures me he can fix that. Nizam's bassline is so different from what we're(sham and me) are playing that I think we won't run into a Metallica"...And Justice for All" type situation(the bass tracks disappeared on the entire album!). So I am actually quite excited by the progress of the CD. aiming for about 14-15 tracks, minus the fun bits.
I realized that my suggestion to add a hardcore-crew style BVs on one of the tracks stemmed from a deliberate sense of 'going against the grain' as far as musical fashions went. Hardcore isn't cool anymore, so that's exactly what I'll do, went my chain of thought. But I think that the rest actually liked the feel, plus it does actually sound different. Sham and Nizam had no objections anyway, and Ronny wasn't there. Yoohoo,where are you?

today we jammed sans Ronny. Aaron was nice enough to stand-in.

which track is it with the HC crew vocs?
buy it when it comes out and find out for yourself. </jonathan> <!--7:54 AM-->


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