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<jonathan> HOW TO GET ON TV
was on the bus coming back into the office from school. Already, I was still tired from yesterday's painting spree in the store. The colors are as loud as they come, but then again, the typical spartan design look is not meant to be, so that's ok. Instead, we went back to the DIY basics, and the whole idea of the store is to not look posh. Even I won't be able to take it if it looked like one of those places down at Far East, wouldn't want to stay there or hang out, I'd be too afriad I'd break something.

Got home exhausted last nite and woke up a wee bit later today, at about 10, which was glorious, but somehow not enough. I'm probably grumpier than usual.

Confronted by comperes doing the usual food crtitc thing on bus TV. Have analysed that it is designed not for the hungry, or the curious, but the star struck.
All you need to do, if you are not good-looking enough, is to
a) look as if you have nothing but fun
b) look at everything with your eyes very wide open *bak jiu kim kim*.
c) twist your voice so that you can reach one or two octaves in a single sentence repeatedly
d) always look as if you have been interrupted having fun in one way or another( translation; act cute)
e) when you put something in your mouth, like a spoonful of soup, even if it tastes like crap, smile and roll your eyes as if you are receiving inner healing from deep emotional wounds, allow the joy to spread on your face
d) do the two-fingered 'peace' sign alot.
e) whatever English you speak must have a Brit or American accent, even if it's only two words at a time, and even if you grew up in Toa Payoh to peranakan parents
f) do the peace sign some more
g) do it yet again
h) guess what? do it even more!

Having completed all of the above, you could be on your way to stardom, now to get some mediacorp producers to notice you.

I'm waiting for monday, when I can stay home in the day. I need sleep. </jonathan> <!--12:05 AM-->



we just got back yesterday from KL. It was quite cool, tried out all the gear we were supposed to, including some Randall Combos and stuff like that. I don't quite like the WARHEAD combo as much as the RH100. The Warhead is loud and the onboard crunch is pretty mice if I was still doing strife stuff, but I suppose the amp was desgined for a different crowd. Glenn got the shot of me with the dimebag guitar, with the guy's signature. It really was dimebag's signature. The truth was that while I am not as big a pantera fan as I was when I was 18, I suppose I do wanna go out and look for the old VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER album, with the contraversial cover.
But, highlight of the trip, FOOD!
2 rounds of fish and mutton soup at Nathan's, wish it was more, but I didn't want to spend too much, am regretting it now!
Then, Petaling St Beef noodles, as well as VCD's. Bought Lethal Weapon 4 and SEVEN SAMURAI, I always like older movies, which is an advantage for VCD,s they are harder to find, but gems in my list of movies that I like. If anyone knows where to find GOODFELLAS, that's different, one of my all-time faves after all, and considered a classic!
Chow Kit, the final destination for the trip, which was good, better than I expected. I should have bargained more for one of the jackets, but that's ok. Next time I will go for the thicker ones, the old high-school rock n roll ones that jocks used to wear, then the Huntingtons did later, about RM50 before bargaining, but not a bad deal at all.
was SOOO stoned yesterday, I was actually delirious. Jon Hems and me got stuck at woodlands for 45 mins because a couple on our coach got detained for suspicious substances, and their friend insisted on making the bus wait. Things like this will usually take hours and hours if they detain you for eomthing like this, and their friend was perfectly willing to make the entire bus wait that long!!!!HABIS!
The bus driver freaked out and basically kicked her and her luggage off the bus. They could have come in via train instead, but somehow...
Do I fel that the couple were guilty? No, but it's not my place to tell the authorities what to think.I think they were just blur about their medications and it looked dodgy. I know I saw a small bag opened up with some stuff in it, but it could be talcum powder or hydrated glucose.
Encik Mike Raj and the rest og the FGA gang were nice to see again, and it would be good if I could come down to tour with SE in june, but I guess it's not for me this year. =(
soundtrack for the day; &serenading, by you-know-who.
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