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I've been busy. So much to do, but all exciting. Sat was one of the funniest plainsunset gig's ever, we were all SO offensive and whatnot!

I looked over at the rave section for a few minutes and saw all these young NUS chicks squirming in hotpants and bikini tops, was promptly turned off by their "I-wanna-party-ness" and made my way to a quiet band tent. Am glad that if nothing else, at least the band had time to have fun. I hope the girls were truly having fun, and not faking it. with social politics nowadays, you never know.
but why is it that in NUS it seems as if many of the kids are all into the party thing? Even Tammy used to tell me about the wild nights that go on there, and the legendary Eusoff Hall and all that....sorry, but maybe I'm getting too old for that sort of thing.I'm seeing both the depressing-ness about it, all these lost people looking for a party to fill in the gap in their lives, which accounts for why every time I go to **** I get a little depressed, and can only go a few times a year. I can't handle it, all that broken-ness. the ones on Sentosa were loving the attention and I knew that because there were like a handful of ppl at the time. definitely not band types those chicks were, and that's cool. But I seen and heard about so many girls who flaunt for man attention(they tell me about it themselves, so crusading feminists can take a hike at this comment), then hope for it because they lack love or affection in their lives. Some guys just want the sex and so much mistreating is going on. Guys often get sole-ly blamed for bad relationships, because it's easier for anyone else to see a male as the baddie. Movies and chick magazines have made sure of that. Girls find it easier to get sympathy, and many milk that for all it's worth. But at the end of the day, ALL sides are wrong.
Accounts for why pre-marital sex and early divorce is on the rise. Can the guys be trusted?
I was at that stage and I didn't trust myself then....
I remember my drunk days with some trepidation, some caution and tell myself, "it's over now".I guess I'm not interested anymore.
*party people in the house go home* </jonathan> <!--12:42 AM-->


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