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<jonathan> Neccesity of Tradition
relatively hectic weekend of running around, and the recording to boot, which has been a little tiring, indeed, am not feeling well already.
Now there seems to be alot on my plate, but I guess I was meant to do all this. I hated bumming around except when I could watch TV all day, and I know my folks hated that. I suppose this is a good thing. Things seems to me to be ok, my ang paus were not particularly impressive, but I never expected them to be.
The challenge is to eventually do away with ang paus completely. Then see whether family is really as important to you as you claim during CNY. I know alot of parents will claim that it's not neccesary, but there are so many pretensions nowadays...even from parents, the magic word 'face', scary as always. My own folks are quite casual, preferring praticality over custom and showiness.
The fun part for me, as always, was the food. But suprisingly, my relatives made an effort to get together and bond. This is the first year without my grandma, so I expected alot of busy faces and quick meetings, but they pulled out an old hymn book and sat together at the piano. We almost didn't leave because my dad really got into it. tHat was actually cool... </jonathan> <!--1:57 AM-->


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