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There's been so much going on, I dun even know where to begin. I suppose I can slowly add things on over the next few days.
Firstly, there are so many rumours going around that it's not funny anymore. Not about me, but gossip and negative talk has been causing alot of walls to be raised as well as divisions. It all seems to be coming from one person. The problem is whether to confront or ignore. Very hard to do the latter, especially for me. I have always been known as a confrontative person, and Yen always cautions me to be nice.

I actually had murmurs of dissatisfaction from decisions I had to make, but I suppose that it can't be helped. Not every decision can be a pleasant one.
I actually felt upset because it had nothing to do wityh this person. Screw feminism!!!!politically incorrect thing to sy, but too bad. I have never met a feminist without some sort of insecurity or other, or a specific grudge. Grudge feminism is not true feminism. Just like a tainted experiment is no experiment at all.

Now it seems that I'm getting friends hurt around me, and my defensive side is rising, not for myself, but I worry for others. I thin I'll have to have a thrash out before anything. I definitely am trying not to make it a big issue, but it's pretty hard to ignore when there are walls rising up and there are pockets of divisions. I suppose it's a minority, but when will that rise into a big thing? Will it be too late then?
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