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<jonathan> 7 AT ONE BLOW

finished the main guitarparts for myself for the recording, which was way cool! It's cheaper to practice beforehand and just get into the studios to whack fast fast. That way you get everything done and the studio time doesn't eat in.
10 guitar tracks finished. One left and some layering-in to go. PLus I have an idea for a backwards intro like something out of twin peaks, very spacey sounding, alot like bjork. Mostly ebow work.abit of tremollo.

Managed to coax a pretty nice guitar tone out of a Laney head the other night, and Leonard just boosted the low end sound by pluggin in a Mesa cab.Even he was surprised at the tone, amran and satish were quite interested in it too.Got my Hot Water Music guitar sound!!!!!!!

Had a bad day yesterday though. argued with Merlie. I felt bad that I actually yelled at her. Maybe my patience as a whole has been wearing thin. I find myself a little more impatient nowadays. Could be due to mounting stress, but still.For me to yell at someone like that is not funny. How did I do that? I apologized of course, but still... </jonathan> <!--7:31 PM-->



For some reason, my inner ear is still doing the wobbly. I am walking a little bit off; quite lightheaded. Now, it is not so bad. last night, was a little unnerving.Even sitting onthe couch, the room was spinning a little. Inner-ear infections suck!

There is a guy on the forum putting out long and slightly cheesy emails about salvation and repentence. I suppose it annoys me because again I've met one of those from a long time ago who only talk about their salvation, without actually living it or actually checking whether there are results, and thus knowing whether to follow up.*I'm going to do my bit as long as I don't have to follow up on the work*. So much to it that I am surprised that nowadays churches never seem to talk about it properly. They never talk about the fact that if a man hears and rejects, he is worse off than if he had never heard! So that would mean that little schizophrenic christians go around 'doing good', without even really bothering to know the consequences of failing. Just 'anyhow whack'! It's funny, but the realization that christians need God more than anyone else seems to pervade my consciousness.

Am fully sick of people who talk and talk but do crap by their convictions. Have made my resolution that my own group of ppl will be along the lines of the other way around; instead of talking, just be secret do-ers, and question their own motivations as well as considerations for impact. No fanfare, no prior notice. Old fashioned 'street witnessing' could possibly be doing more harm than good. Enough. Will speak no further on this. Just making myself more annoyed.

Recording is on tomorrow, and I am looking forward to that. Have resolved to record all my 'dirty' parts first and then bring the 5150 for the clean parts. It's just that the 5150 has the natural drive part in clean guitar that I like. Dry sounding, yet slightly fuzzy where high-end and bridge pickups are concerned.

Why is it that everywhere I turn, I see people just trying to find their own way of staving off themselves, trying to find their own identities and as a result, are less true to themselves than they claim to be? I see the guys in the scene who openly criticize what they do not understand, so many criticize for no apprent reason than it is supposed to be 'punk rock' to do so, claiming to be against the grain, but following others by the nose? Criticizing people who want to help them, without any strings. Then going around hedonistically following their own whims and fancies. When the question of responsibility is brought up, they say "dun tell me what to do!".
Punk rock and rebellion has become their excuse to run away from their responsibilities. Against the grain.
Anarchy has become their focus, their excuse letter for not attending school, their explanation for lack of motivation. I would ask them then, that if anarchy is their focus, then family have no say, parents count for nothing, responsibility to your girlfriend is obsolete.

In the same vein, in the future, when your daughter gets gang-raped by a bunch of anarchists who want to go against the grain, you shouldn't call the cops. The cops are the tools of authority.

</jonathan> <!--7:37 PM-->

<jonathan> soundtrack in my head ; Catatonia- Mulder and Sculley

got so much to do but am glad that it's slowly winding it's way out. There's so much to do, but I am actually seeing it slowly unravel and I know WHOSE hand is behind it. Thank you!
got to school today and rediscovered how much time I got before the exhibition comes around, just next week. I am slowly strangling on a thread of activities that lead themselves one to another! but I am calm, somewhat! There's these guys on the forum that have been talking about PS. I actually learned to say, "good for you, your opinion is your right." They dun believe me. OK.
Dun you hate it when people call you a liar? updates later. have to do more stuff, and later, after band practice, home to 2 episodes of Star Trek; Voyager! Ogling 7 0f 9 is pretty easy to do, strange for me, as I dun like blondes, but I've always thought a person's prettiest or handsomest feature is the eyes. Not the lips or whatever...
had a bad night, hardly any sleep. somehow it didn't happen, always somewhere in=between, that semi-lucid world. the wierd dream I had was that I was a sniper with an M1 Garand, trying to shoot an important POW, from my end, captured by the enemy. I had to kill him before the enemy had time to interrogate him.wierd. Especially after he turned into Helen Hunt!!!!just b4 I squeezed the trigger!

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<jonathan> So much to do and so little time. The 'work-in-progress' exhibition is next week and I have to re-work my stuff for it. Haven't planned it out properly and I dun have much time. will have to work at home this weekend. so much for a relaxing weekend!
I figure that I'll have to churn out a large amount of work this week and pick the best of what I have to hand-up by mon! the only way out. hope I'll have time. :(

just came back from a movie with Dad and Yen. Went to see 'HERO'. Pretty awe-inspiring! much better than crouching tiger, way more arty-farty, but it definitely gave me ideas for the story that I want to write. At least I could visualize it more than before.instead of just knives, I suppose I can include swords into it. Just not so macho, more straight-forward.Like my dad said, the critic who did the write up on HERO is an idiot. How he could criticize something like that is pretty beyond me. I suppose he expected another Wong Fei Hung, unstead of something serious. I can't belive that audiences actually laughed at other screenings! I suppose these were expecting another wong fei hung as well!

Jet Li did well, as did the rest of the cast, but Zhang Yimou has outdone himself. I was actually sympathetic to Qing Shi Huang after he said "My greatest enemy is the only one who has understood me!" that's gotta suck!
After that, it was turtle soup at Eminent Plaza. Yen's first time there and she liked it.She is also a turtle soup fan, but at least we've found a place with a decent priced one, not too steep. Am never going back to the chinatown one! That old lady's stuff is WAY overpriced!
had a nice evening. Sleepy-bye now.

Got to get up early tomorrow.

Tony Leung gave me the idea to grow my beard out yet again. It takes about 10 days to get it to the right length. Yen's not gonna be happy.
My face!!!! </jonathan> <!--9:35 AM-->


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