Music....makes the people...come together.....yeah.....


<jonathan> there's been so much to do, and so much to see.
My birthday is tomorrow, and I am not sure I care, but then, I suppose I should, your birthday only comes around once a year.
The WHC guys are still in my place, and that's ok. But somebody leaked it to everyone and all motherfathersons' are calling me to hook up with the guys. Not ok!!!!
Just had lunch with family and Yen, and it was nice; exhorbitant priced food which I am glad I only eat once a year...
Last nite was alot more fun, and I in some ways was glad to be there to see just old friends without giving a crap about anything. I guess that was much needed. No politics and not too much booze.I saw a few unfamiliar faces, and as expected, a few self-consciously arty-farty types there, but then they seem so much a part of life that I suppose it wouldn't be fun without them.
I only wish there was beer. I am so mush a beer type person that I prefer it to regular vodka and martinis and stuff like that. Maybe because I think it easier to drink than hard liquor. Maybe it's because I have no intention of drinking myself into oblivion and instead, to face my problems head-on instead of running away from them like so many I know of. Does that make me braver? Does that make me stronger?I dunno.I dun think so.
So many kids on the streets yesterday, on orchard just lazing around, dressed tothe nines and in party mode, ready for a night of self-conscious irresponsibility. Another year has just gone by.
So what?
I should have enough money now to pay off my debts soon. I owe still for my amp, but as soon as I get paid back(and it'll be just enough), I'm in the clear. Than I can afford my tremollo pedal, as well as the recording sessions.
back in the studio again with the PS boys. feels nice except that the studio was a little warm and now we nave to figure out how to pay for the fees. will figure something out...
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