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<jonathan> it's been a few days, but I suupose that's normal for some ppl, and christmas season was pretty busy this year. Din get to hang out with the pple I was hoping to, because of family commeitments, but it wasn't so bad. Hadn't had my family complete in awhile so it was nice. Yen was with me and everyone was laughing together and everything so that was good.
christmas eve was a high society party at someone's house.Yen couldn't be there, family only. I never knew just HOW high society it was till last night when my dad identified them for me. Alot of owners of BIG companies and all that. Nice to see how God moved in their midst last year(most of them celebrated their first X'mas these last few days. I think my dad's friend was trying to hook me up with our hosts' daughter; he was all "Ah, Jon, have you met so-and-so? She's studying in " " " "," turns to her, " and he's doing etc etc..." stays there for 30 secs while strained polite conversation is made, then says "I'll leave you two alone" turns around and heads for the buffet table.....AIYA! anyway, she seemed nice and all, but I think in many ways, she was being polite. no matter. I was more interested in trying to get reception on my phone. for some reason, that house had really bad reception, so I just shut my phone off.
Everyone else around the table was my age and had some sort of job with their own office, made me see what I could have done if my results were better in school. But then, I also had the realization that EVEN IF that were so, my personality will be the kind that hates a job that requires a tie and to meet people. Working with the guys now makes me meet ppl, but at least, shorts and my converse are the go!
post christmas blues, but then it was a very party-oriented christmas for me. Din really like it, but there were some nice spots. And the seafood thing at the lunch party yesterday rocked!!!!!!!!!
turkey overload!

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<jonathan> just got on a little while ago. How the heck am I going to afford anything for anyone? I'm too broke!!
It's a case of me having to learn to trust God, and know that it wasn't a case of reckless spending. I haven't felt reckless in that area in awhile.
Am waiting for the weekend, and the practices for the coming weekend. so many things to look out for and do, and then the weekend. Straight after that, next week we be in M'sia! That's gotta be fun. although I am slightly traumatised about the kind of gear we will get at the gigs, particularly the second show. How scary is that gonna be? I remember the kelab dangdut the last time around when PS went up, and how crappy that went, not to mention that no-one seems to know how to handle gear up there! I suppose it's not their fault because the ones who sell stuff there are running rackets most of the time, who has money to buy and learn?

Strikes another thought. Daniel and David were with me at Funan/City Hall area when it rained out, and we were stuck there. Somehow we were on the topic of equipment, and I said I count myself lucky that the amp I have sitting in my room is a 200-watt, 2x12, all-tube combo! It's the kind of thing touring dreams are made of because it's smaller than a head and cab(or Marshall stack to you who have no idea what I'm talking about), and yet twice the power of one of those! Yet small enough to fit into a car trunk! It doesn't get better than that. Even within SE and Surreal we have been blessed with such great gear, courtesy of ZEAL. I remembered that he's selling off most of his old guitars, good stuff that Davis from Peninsular would weep about, and a certain businessman upstair would vehemently insist are made in Indonesia and knock them off at a cheap price!
And then I though about what Nathan said, about him noticing that locals (across the board) are stuck with a deep sense of materialism which scares me!
It seems prevalent within ourselves. I have to check myself there. My stuff is all workhorse, no furniture lying around. I suppose that's the criteria for now. I am fairly content not to buy anything else, no more guitars and amps.
But then, I want a Proco Rat. I also want a Tremollo.
Does that amount to materialism?
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