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<jonathan> "Young ppl nowadays...".
Isn't it funny how the young are often taken advantage of by the old or elderly, but somehow, it's never mentioned? Why is it that old ppl are often the rudest ones on the block, but younger ppl get blamed for it?
I saw old men(once with Dex, once on my own) run onto buses, tap their EZ link cards, run straight to the back before the bus has even begun moving, and tap their cards again straightaway, before taking a seat. And yet we are accused of dishonesty.Have you ever seen the elderly lady 'chong' past you just as you are about to exit the train? Is it so she can get a seat and then put it on her resume that she always gets on first? WE'RE considered rude and inconsiderate. we get stares from old when we try and they mutter "young ppl nowadays...". Most of these ppl(supposedly) lived through the 2nd world war, although that generation is dying out now, so technically, when you meet the middle-aged(or about 50- thereabouts) man who talks about life during the war, please try not to laugh.
The ones who really did survive, I DO respect them. the ones who came after require alot of love and are an excercise in patience.
The common favorite I get from elderly men when they want guys in my age group to move gear, are " young men strong..." (translated means," I am going to pretend that I am weaker than I actually am, so that you get to do all the work"). I may be chastised and rebuked for my attitude, but theirs are the little while lies down into the dark side.
When you hear that "Ah, young men, very strong..." you know you're screwed! Is that the sound of a guilty conscience, or true re-assurance they have in the abilities of our biceps and patience? Glad my own dad is straight up."You do that, can?" no excuses, etc...I can appreciate honesty. I can't appreciate patronizing statements reassuring me of my own physical capabilities.
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<jonathan> just got out of spending an hour-straight with God and that felt really good!
actually wrote a song in the process, may do it for the festival, see how. all things considered when we pray for more ppl to come, when I did anyways, something struck me.
I actually remembered how many ppl actually resisted us putting out the publicity for the festival at their churches or youth groups, and it suddenly hit me that, "If ppl are resisting us, how do we get publicity out, how do they come if they don't even know?"
THEN, I remembered the bible saying something along the lines of "Behold, I am the Lord, Your God, Is there anything to hard for me?" I immedialtely went into a state of "OK, I suppose I have to trust You, I don't have to know how You do it, only that You will."
Somehow, it was more calming than anything...
It'll be interesting to see how everything goes, this weekend is the turning point for us in the fest organizing group.
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<jonathan> just been thinking about the day, as all of us do, so what else is new?
LOTR wasn't too bad, pretty much like the book, except for some bits like in the battle for Helm's Deep. Treebeard was NO dissapointment, the Ents rock! As far as the day went, that pretty much went well, even with the SE Band practice today, not too bad, very little to re-do. But what's gonna happen for practice over the next few days? I dunno too...everyone getting so busy. I din think that we'd still be getting ourselves busy over nothing these last few days b4 fest. It's actually not funny!
Screwed up big time when I gave Yen my money for the ticket and asked for change. considering she buys me lime juice and Ginger beer and all that... Sorry girl!
The more I think about the mounting popularity of SE and all the opportunities offered to us, I am more and more wary about somethings. Possible endorsements and all that mean alot of good stuff, free gear and all that, although nothing is confirmed, and to a large extent,I hope not.
Finding out about the commercial worship bands and christian acts in the secular world with big deals and all really worries me more and more. I haven't the slightest trust in most bands claiming to be christian and in the CCM type market, no matter WHO they are! I hear about so many of these guys and start to wonder how many of them still have their relationship still on par. Think; just because everyone else is doing it, doesn't make it ok! Robin Williams said it best in Good Morning Vietnam. Q; "What do you think about the drug problem in Vietnam(during the US-Vietnam war)?" A:" I don't think it's a problem, everybody's got it!"
The only really encouraging news that I heard was about Norma Jean! Scott Penk went to see them in the US, and besides being in a really kickass band, technically and creatively, the feedback is that they STILL pray backstage before shows!! Thank God for that!
Honestly, to find out the most popular worship band around has a quota of songs to record a year scares the crap out of me; what are mainstream churches listening to then? Does that make it alright? and more importantly; CAN IT BE HELPED?
If we continue the way we are, I think we'll be ok. But I hope that unless HE wills it, we will NOT run into anything along these lines. To a large extent, I guess it won't, because we're not that much ear-candy yet. Fat hope for success, you may say, nothing is impossible, say I.
it's fasting day, hope I'll make it. haven't done it in years. my eyelids are getting into screen-saver mode. see you later. </jonathan> <!--10:09 AM-->


<jonathan> am in the REAL place as usual. It's funny how toay, my dad and I took my dog to a pet saloon/groomers to get him shaved down because it's getting warmer and it's horrible for pet lovers to keep their long-haired dogs in the local styled weather. Straight after, my dad and me went for our own haircuts(mine long awaited by myself). So three of us have come back to the house with haircuts!
Bix is definitely happier with his shorter hair. you can actually see him walking with a spring in his step and he can actually see better now with his hair out of his eyes, so he' s a little more confident. I suppose he's (temperature) cooler with it, although Yen and me were constantly distracted by his balls dangling out the back as he runs! It's actually funny, and I remember us cracking up when we were watching TV and he ran towards the door when my folks or someone came home.
Cannot wait till early jan onwards. My birthday will be a simple one; I might go for dinner with the family and yen, and then see how. The next day, Surreal and MSC and a whole passel of others will be off to KL to play, and we start early in the morn. Can't wait for that!
I will be reunited with my beloved Petaling St. beef noodles!
Hopefully I will have enough by then to either buy a RAT or a Tremolo pedal. If there's any left over, I'm going for another pair of Converse.
28 years old, immature in the eyes of corporate types, but probably way happier than they are, like I really cared about them to begin with!!!
will update more later. </jonathan> <!--3:39 AM-->


<jonathan> Zeal just got on a while ago, and I actually can't get into the bit where you get all these little comments, but that's ok. I'll figure it out. I'll just get Drey to hook me up somehow. How do you do that anyhow?
Wessa Tong is back in town and it's surprising to see how she's turning out. It's a little like the way I was when I was in NZ,and I guess that's normal. Slow way of making things happen, slow ways of making friends and stuff.
Am still a little pissed about the guy the other day asking me "So how did Plainsunset actually make it(into the) commercial(scene)?"
I wanted to scream!
I actually made conscious effort to keep my voice calm. Nathan actually grinned when this guy said that, I think because he knew that would bug me. It seems that no matter where you go you will always run into things like that. I'll bet you anything that if any of the guys heard it they would freak out themselves.
That's always what pisses me off about the scene, that the sheer selfishness of the kids here makes me think that they will never move on, and that they will think they're the cat's pajamas, and that they are truly the best bands that the nation has to offer. Those who have actually looked out into the scene overseas will see how much we know( as far as musical standards and knowledge go, even more than NZ), but from a technical and professional level, there is no contest. Imagine someone thinking he's the best at what he does. Will he truly listen to anyone else?
Is it a losing battle we're fighting here? How do you motivate these guys to practice and work and REALLY make something else out of themselves and thus help the scene as a whole?

Nice to be able to just switch my mind off for awhile.
wish Star Trek Voyager had lasted more seasons than they actually did, but at least they got home.
When does 7 of 9 come on? </jonathan> <!--9:16 AM-->


<jonathan> finally, I'm beginning to figure out how this thing works. Trust me, the technophobe, to be able to get into this when everyone else has one already.
It's one of those days when I need to learn discipline as far as thoughtlife goes.
Think, for some strange reason, on the train to the office, it's like EVERY chick was a cute one. No lusty sexual thoghts, mind you. That's usually not so bad for me, but I have to admit a pretty face does catch my attention. Sorry girl, I am trying not to.
am in the office and will add-on later tonite hopefully. </jonathan> <!--10:37 PM-->

<jonathan> adding on to the fact that I'm still learning how to do this sort of thing. A simple one is all I can manage now anyway. </jonathan> <!--3:14 AM-->

<jonathan> I have finally taken a dive into the great unknown blog world, and I suppose it's something we could all use in one way or another. How should I make my resolution about what to see here? Music, what I like about it, and what I don't, food for thought, social politics, art occasionally, as and when I get the time to.
Forget about emo styled entries and things like that. You want that, go somewhere else.
but then, I suppose I think of this as a bulletin and like an online 'zine.
kudos to those who understand, and for those that don't, it's ok.

We're simply on a different train of thought. </jonathan> <!--3:03 AM-->


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