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<jonathan> 'Copping Out' My Left arse cheek!

i just realized that, on reading the posts on the ps web, it made sense more and more why we did it. Someone actually thought we were copping out. I think we actually wanted proper closure, and not just sing about it. I think maybe that person doesn't understand that yet. it's ok. If I got offended by every post that ever came...

on hindsight, we lost money in the band. We spent more than we gained, and some will never recover- airfares for one. But we did do it for fun. If we wanted the money, we'd have stayed together. we'd have chased that major deal that was once in our grasp.

I can't believe though, that this guy thought we didn't do it coz we loved it or for the passion.

I cried backstage and my voice faltered in the middle of 'plainsunset' because we were close to tears. I know sham cried, and nizam missed alot of notes too because he was weeping openly. I think more and more that we actually loved being in the band. after all, we did cry.

Grieving is a natural and healthy process. Now it's time to move on. </jonathan> <!--9:30 AM-->


<jonathan> We just did the last-ever plainsunset jam. It was a bittersweet thing to do, knowing it is to be your last ever time of musical effort with no pressure. It's different onstage; You try to do your best to give everyone a rush.

we played stuff we haven't done in years that we did when we first started out, old screeching weasel covers, stuff that we never thought of in years. we decided, 'it's the last time ever, why the heck not?!' naturally we were laughing the whole way.

ppl don't believe that we can still get along. that's too bad. maybe it's because they don't believe that we are mature enough to deal with our stuff face to face and clear it up asap. It's all true. if you don't believe it, watch for yourself on sat.

if you are coming on sat, stick around throughout the whole thing. It'll be the last time you see it. If you are fashionably late, you will miss out. If you step out for a ciggie, you will miss out. If your friend is late, leave him outside. I just want to make sure that you see this.

the very first thing you will hear that is 'live' from us will be the very last song that plainsunset ever wrote. It's me, going solo. I call it 'For the last time.'

nites. </jonathan> <!--8:48 AM-->


<jonathan> HARD TO BELIEVE!

Before I forget, and the whirl and rush of stuff gets to me, I gotta put down that my own celebrity sighting just went up a notch, and I'm actually quite tickled by it. Was at Borders when Dolph Lundgren (you remember him as HE-MAN from the motion picture movie 'Masters Of the Universe', the bad guy from Universal Soldier, Ivan Drago from Rocky 4, The Punisher...etc etc...). I was doing the Singaporean thing which is to downright ignore them. Singaporeans are very 'ngade', unless they are taiwanese boyband types,in which case if you are a teenage chick, hormones just take over, the bane of the female gender. all feminists may disagree, but they're in denial...

anyways, the guy was just in a plain white shirt, F4 hair,blonde and tall as heck, face a little craggier than I last remembered, but hey, who cares! It was obvious, and Wan Vegan will back me up on it too. I walked by to make sure, heard the voice and was like "Oh yeah, no doubts anymore...". There were all these people going 'Is that him? It is isn't it?" etc.....

Have to admit, on hindsight, am regretting not getting an autograph. Yes, I am man enough to admit it...the little streak of celeb sighting stuff is still in me. I think most kids at my time wanted to be like him or even BE him. I just thought he was cool in most of those movies... </jonathan> <!--7:35 AM-->


<jonathan> now that God has taken me to the ripe old age of 29, I am finally age-conscious. Not in the sense that I feel like I'm not supposed to be hanging out with the people I do, but that the things i do have a certain purpose. Oh, no, don't get me wrong. I have never ceased to believe that even when i screw up, God has a p[urpose for it, or that I was sitting around doing absolute heck-all my entire life, but I am conscious that by this time in my dad's life, he had me AND a newborn daughter. I can't even drive. Yen tells me not to compare myself, and that I have a different purpose. I suppose so.
thanks all, for surprising me with the cake yesterday! And no, for those who heard it on the radio, I have not screwed up my o levels a third time!

Am making my mind up to do my best, to try my best to learn self control, even in hard times, with God's strength. Then when I screw up, THAT'S when i'll rely on grace. I'll not sit around and wait for something to happen. I still stand by that. And to that question that I was once asked, I answer with another querstion,"If God asked us to do it, with the awareness that we'll eventually screw up, does that mean that we should not do it, then?Then it REALLY becomes an irony, a paradox of the faith we profess; then it's not about obedience, but about works. What say you?" </jonathan> <!--9:33 AM-->


<jonathan> THE SETTING SUN

Ok, in anticipation to a whirlwind of questions as to our demise, this is the answer to the most often heard one in the last 48hrs;

first, we made up our minds awhile ago.
It's been a long time and we're growing older, learning to move on as individuals. We all want to do different kinds of music. I want to write different kinds of stuff.
And why not now? We're all still friends, enjoy each other's company. we just spent the evening talking 'bout old times in the Lavender S11. instead of dying a lingering, painful death,why not end on a high note? why not end in a happy time, as opposed to not even wanting to be in the same room with each other? So many bands have we seen that have gone out like that. I refuse to allow us to be one of them.
in our 9 years of existence, we have worked our butts off, released three fairly successful CDs,successfully toured New Zealand, Hong Kong, Shenzhen,done gigs in KL sweated with each other,made a splash in countries we have never been to,gritted our teeth as gigs get screwed up for us, lost sleep alongside each other,endured jeers from the ignorant, laughed together, laughed at each other, 'sliced' each other countless times, gone through NS, all around the same time, made a spectacle of ourselves, and had a whale of a time!

why not now? why not, while we have happy memories, of the thousands of faces we have seen as you laughed, sang along, pointed the finger, surfed, crushed each other in the pit, listened as we tried to give you and ourselves a good time for that half hour?

why not while we as a team still have 9 years of friendship, laughter for each other?rather than the selfish and self-serving stings and backstabbing of the petty?so many of our friends have ended that way. we choose not to finish as a casualty.

we choose to finish, while we still are the brotherhood of the sunset. </jonathan> <!--10:01 AM-->


<jonathan> am pretty tired of being made to look like the bad guy. I don't mind where there are hard decisions I have to make,like occasionally in ministry, but when it comes to other things, am bloody sick of it, really.
You have a knack of coming across as the nice guy, sweet and all, most friendly,everybody loves you. there are great qualities about you, i will never deny that,but there's so much more to you than you realize, or choose to. Accidentally found out today there are others who have suffered in silence. The only part you came out in the conversation was purely logistical. It turned into a vent session for the other guy...
i too cannot wait to close this chapter of my life, get some real closure, make peace and move on...then you're probably gonna say that I backstabbed you. It was all over the circle about how much of a prick I was, never listen to you at all, but when I actually asked you, you either gave me a vague answer, or no answer at all.
yes, you ARE over-sensitive, taking things personal when no reference to you was intended. Yes, you do prevent the rest of us from moving along, simply because when convenient, you choose the solo decision without allowing the group to function properly. No, it's NOT all about you! The rest of us have NOT said our piece because you never allowed us to. and to make it worse, it always looks and sounds like it's always our fault. guess what? on closer examination, i know it's not.

</jonathan> <!--10:30 PM-->


<jonathan> freedom!
I am actually updating the blog now! I actually thpought of just letting the whole thing go, but so much for actually doing what you plan.

So much has happened that I can't even begin to tell you, but I suppose it's expected. whichever way it goes, it will just have to be one chunk of my life you will have to do without.

Now that I have my own mac, in my room, I can blog again. And there's just gonne have to be this big gap.

I am planning to do that indie band soon, as soon as I can find the time with the boys to tart practicing. I want to record the demo first before the gigs. I'll see how it goes. Maybe just one gig to announce that we are alive and around...

The tentative name that me and marcus came up with is When Heroes fail. I am excited!!! </jonathan> <!--8:36 AM-->


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